About Us

Andy La Plegua - Icon of Coil

Osmotic Events work outside the mainstream; Subcultures, Pop Culture, Cosplay, odd genres of music no one has heard of … you get where we’re going. We bring people together and spark communities.

Formed from a desire to promote and produce the fantastic, Osmotic Events is a professional, transparent business offering event production and promotion, event consultation, alternative celebrant service and themed wedding services for that which is most definitely not the norm.

Dijor Machon and Amirah Black, Co Directors of Osmotic Events, have spent over two decades amassing a wealth of knowledge and experience within the Music and Entertainment Industry in order to be an antidote to the mundane.

​ We have had the pleasure of working with:
Combichrist [USA], Icon of Coil [USA], Grendel [NL/USA], Nachtmahr [GER], Nekromantix [USA], The Cash Family [USA], Cervello Elettronico [USA], Assemblage 23 [USA], ShitDisco [UK], Abney Park [USA], Unwoman [USA], G.D Falksen [UK], Evelyn Kriete [USA], Komor Kommando [USA], Aurelio Voltaire [NYC], Felina Vie [USA], The Mouldy Lovers [QLD], Felinedown [QLD], Studio X [SA], The Vampers [QLD], Mythology [QLD], Ipswich City Council, Redland Shire Council, Goulburn and Mulwaree City Council, Hawkesbury City Council, Lithgow City Council … plus many more.